Welcome to the Stolen lands. A place of peril, death and Riches.

The legends that surround this inaccessible hunk of land span from the mundane to the monstrous and just like the land the legends are impossible.
The one thing that all who have entered agree on though is the name these lands have is entirely accurate. More expeditions have entered and died in the tracts of wilderness that make up these lands than any other combined. The forest grows tall on the blood of fools and the bones of folly, each attempt building a larger pyre and ultimately drawing more to it.

Simply put the lost lands are a fools dream and only the foolish or desperate attempt its treacherous shadows.
Another party of such fools draws near, lured by gold and the promise of more than that. They seek to do what hundreds before have failed and bring these lands to heel.
Unfortunately the only toll such a place accepts is blood and toil, destiny walks the forest and something stirs in the land. The land has grown on the blood of ambition for a hundred mortal generations, and Ambition has its prices.

The Lostlands